What is Facility Management?

Facility Management essentially means building management, and it combines all the auxiliary activities of running business facilities which the owner entrusts to external associate.

By applying European standards, we encompass various segments of property management, ensuring optimal functionality of the facility. There is a twenty-year-old tradition of facility management in the word and, through emergence of large business facilities, this activity has taken sway in Croatia.

Why Facility Management?

Anyone providing services to a client wants a long term cooperation based on mutual satisfaction and benefit. Facility management is an activity that resolves issues between service providers and users beforehand. It quickly and effectively eliminates problems arising in regular dealings with clients and during business process of adjusting services to client demands, according to service providers standards.  

Long term savings and benefits

While managing a facility, using methods prescribed by the European standards, BFM achieves long terms savings and other benefits for the client. We are known on the market for our quality, efficiency and fast service.

What services fall into Facility Management?

1. Commercial facility management

Representing owners interests, in commercial and legal segment, when dealing with lessee and government institutions. (read more)

2. Technical facility management

System and equipment maintenance according to manufacturer's standards, technical requirements and terms of use; acquiring and stockpiling expendable material, and obtaining technical documents required by the law. (read more)

3. Infrastructural facility management

Maintaining and cleaning the facilities, reception and security. (read more)

Facility Management standards

In the year 2006, the first European standard defining facility management was enacted. The standard EN 15221-1 defines concepts and definitions, and the standard EN 15221-2 provides guidelines for  concluding  a convention between the provider and the client.

Since the year 2007, Croatia has been working on accepting these European standards.

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